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Filing a Personal Injury Claim in L.A. County

At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, we represent victims of negligence in and around Los Angeles County. Our team offers compassionate and personalized legal representation to those injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and other serious injury-causing events. We recognize the challenges you are facing, from getting proper medical care to having your vehicle or property repaired to healing and moving forward with your life. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are ready to stand up for your rights and advocate for your maximum recovery.

Learn how we can go up against the insurance company and seek the full, fair recovery you are owed; call (925) 744-8869 or contact us online for a free consultation.

When to File a Personal Injury Claim

If you were recently involved in an accident, injured on someone else’s property, or otherwise harmed in an unexpected traumatic event, you may be wondering if you have a personal injury case.

To determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim, ask yourself the following:

  • Did someone else—whether another person, a property owner, a business, or even a government entity—have a legal responsibility to act reasonably and prevent you from being injured or harmed?
  • Did the other person or party fail to uphold this legal responsibility, either through act or omission? In other words, was the other person or party careless, reckless, or negligent, or did they act wrongfully, intentionally, or unlawfully?
  • Were your injuries and damages—including your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering—the result of the other person or party’s act or omission? Would you have been injured had they acted with reasonable care?

If the other person or party (known as the “defendant”) is responsible for your injuries and damages, you likely have a case. As the person bringing the claim (known as the “plaintiff”), you are responsible for proving your case. It is important that you work with an experienced attorney, like those at Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, who can develop a powerful, evidence-based claim on your behalf.

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California?

You should also know that you only have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit in California. Most personal injury suits are subject to the state’s two-year statute of limitations. This means that you typically only have two years from the date of injury to sue the liable party for damages.

Note that this only applies to personal injury lawsuits, not insurance claims. In fact, depending on the insurance company and the specific policy that applies, you may have less time to file an insurance claim after an accident or injury.

In any case, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident or injury. The sooner you reach out to our team, the sooner we can begin investigating the incident, gathering evidence, and building your case. As time goes on, important evidence can be lost, and your case can become much more difficult to prove. We encourage you to speak to one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers right away if you were injured or if someone you love died due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another.

Cases We Handle

At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, our team comprises a group of highly skilled and professional attorneys with extensive legal experience. We have handled all types of personal injury cases, including relatively straightforward claims and immensely complex litigation.

We regularly assist our clients with cases involving:

Whether you were injured in a serious motor vehicle collision or your loved one sustained a catastrophic brain injury due to a property owner’s negligence, our team can help you understand your legal options and fight to protect your rights.

A Proven Record of Success

Navigating the personal injury legal system can be challenging without the help of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, we not only bring decades of collective experience to our practice, but we also have a long and proven track record of success. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have recovered numerous noteworthy results for our clients, including many significant settlements and jury verdicts. View some of our most recent results here.

Committed to Our Clients

A serious injury can affect nearly every aspect of your life. At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, we understand the hardships you are facing, as well as the challenges that still lay ahead. Our attorneys truly care about our clients, which is why they are committed to a high level of service, accessibility, and communication. We are proud of the results we have recovered for our clients, but we are most proud of the real ways in which we have helped people from all walks of life heal and move forward with their lives. See some of our recent reviews from past clients here.

Ready to Fight for You

Remember: The insurance company is not on your side. If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you need a skilled attorney who will fight for you and your rights against the insurance company’s interests. At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, we are ready to advocate tirelessly for you and your recovery. We offer free initial consultations and contingency fees, meaning you do not pay any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. There is absolutely zero risk and no obligation to you when you call our firm.

Get in touch with us today at (925) 744-8869 or contact us online to schedule a complimentary in-person or phone consultation.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Protecting Against Insurance Companies

    From car crashes to complex wrongful death cases, we are your first line of offense for seeing you through your recovery. The philosophy of Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard can be summed up in two words; we care. Before you come to our office, you are your own advocate, once you work with us, we become your advocate.

  • Personalized & Innovative Case Strategies

    When you work with our firm, we don't just care about your case; we care about you. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to determine your goals and what the best outcome would be for you. To us, you aren't just a number; you are a person who deserves the compensation needed to recover.

  • Dedicated & Trusted Legal Counsel

    Our lawyers have years of combined experience advocating for the rights of injured individuals. Litigation is what they do, it is what they love, and it is what they are the best at. When you turn to our team, you can be confident knowing they will not stop until you obtain the justice you deserve.

  • Large-Firm Results, Small-Firm Attention

    At Ayala, Morgan & Buzzard, you not only get an attorney, but a full team of advocates all dedicated to pursuing the maximum compensation on your behalf. To us, protecting your rights isn't just our job, it's our passion.

Don't Just Hire an Attorney, Hire an Advocate

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